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Hi There!

If you're looking for calorie counts, insane workout plans, or detox recipes - you might be on the wrong site.


The Balance Effect is not your traditional wellness blog. This space is meant for self love, finding inner peace, repairing broken thought processes, and accepting yourself as you are, in this moment. I launched the site after years of struggling with disordered eating, a poor relationship with food, and a toxic view around exercise. Vulnerable as it may be, I know that an alarming amount of people struggle with the same issues and don't know where to start to repair them.

Here on The Balance Effect, we'll talk balance, but nothing that includes punishing yourself, dieting as a solution, or self-sabotage in any form. 

The end game? To spread awareness, share resources,and most importantly, let you know that you're not alone in whatever battle you're facing. 

I'm Kathryn (or Kat to my friends and fam!), and I'm a few different things: writer, graduate student, wife, music enthusiast, chocolate chip cookie expert, lover of white lights, TV fan-girl, and sef-love advocate. 

Join me in discovering the Balance Effect. 

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